Arenas are available for boarders as long as they not in use by the school. Boarders are expected to clean up all droppings in the arenas and stable yard.



Veterinarian is handily located right next door in case of emergency. Dr. Phil Murphy DVM, Valley Vet Clinic: 406-846-3627

Overnight Boarders can park trailers on property for free. If you need electricity it is $15 per night – this is not suitable for air conditioning. There are two camp grounds in town. See other Lodging Information

Easily accessible with the largest semi trucks, and stalls large enough for draft horses. See more on our Facilities Page


Mountain View Arena entry
Semi Trucks can easily come and go









We welcome travelers to over night their horses at our facilities.

  • You Feed & Water: $20/head
  • We Feed & Water: $30/head
  • Electric hook-up for trailer living quarters: $15

The stalls are bedded with shavings and are big enough for draft horses. Bring your own hay and water bucket for each horse. We have hooks to hang the bucket on the stall walls. You may clean out your trailer (we have wheelbarrows available) but please ask where to dump the manure. We strongly recommend you bring hay that your horses are accustomed to eating. We do not sell hay, but can help in an emergency. We clean the stalls, so you don’t have to.

You are welcome to use the arenas for brief turnout / exercise, but please clean up any droppings.

Our entrance is big enough for semi-trailer trucks, with plenty of space to turn around.

Please see our Facilities Page for more information on stalls, pens, arenas, and accessibility



$75 per Head

We clean pens daily and feed twice a day. We strongly recommend you bring hay that your horses are accustomed to eating. Our hay is a grass/alfalfa cross and may be too rich for your horses. There is an extra fee for feeding our hay.  For people who would like to stay a while and enjoy our area, there is a lot of country to see if you would like to trailer a few miles to enjoy wide open spaces to ride or drive.


♦ Monthly ♦

  • Outside Pen: $250 / head
  • Indoor Stall: $300 / head
  • Both Indoor & Outdoor for Turnout: $450 / head

We clean pens daily and feed twice a day. Please note we do not have pasture available. Tack Room available for trainers and monthly boarders. Arenas available for use as long as not in use by the school; just clean up your droppings.


See Facilities Page for information on stalls, pens, and arenas