We at the Fraser School of Driving emphasize safety so we offer helmets and vests for sale. There are many products on the market but we have found these to be the best available for people who drive horses.


Driving Accessories

SMV - Slow Moving Vehicle signs

You can get metal SMV signs most anywhere - we prefer the soft signs so they do not scratch the carriage and can be easily moved from one carriage to another, but for safety sake we suggest you get one SMV for each carriage. It is the law to have one of these on all slow moving vehicles is you travel on county or state roads. Shipping will be extra.

Tipperary Sportive Helmets

The best helmets we have found on the market are made by Tipperary. They come in a variety of sizes and colors but we only stock the slate grey.

Tipperary makes a variety of riding and driving vests. We have selected the Competitor II for our equestrian horse driving safety vest. We no longer stock these but will be happy to order one for you. Shipping will be extra.