We have owned and sold a lot of awesome horses. Here are some of the horses we have found good new homes. We have also bought a lot of horses for other people but didn’t get photos of most of them.

PhotosHorse Description and Purchaser
Taboo: 6 years old in 2015, a beautiful dun, Hackney / Quarterhorse cross gelding standing at 14 hands. Rides and drives very sweet.
Taboo went to Alberta, Canada
Louie: 8 years old in 2015, a Morgan/Haflinger cross gelding standing at 14.1 or 14.2 hands tall. He has a little more "go" and would be a lot of fun for an experienced driver. He loads, ties, bathes, ties and does most anything you need. Louie sold to Patti Ann and Gary here in Montana.
Benson & Navigator: 11 years old in 2015. 15.2 hands tall and drive single or as a pair, on the right or left. They are half Morgan, a quarter Percheron and a quarter Thoroughbred. They bathe, clip, load and are easy to handle. The photo on the left was used in the 2013 Mischka Calendar. Sold to Beth Kendall - Louisiana!
McKai: 5 year old gelding - Morgan / Percheron cross. He is 15.2 hands tall and rides and drives. He is a good mover with great extension. He is young and willing to do about anything you want. Sold to Bob & Elaine Cosner!
Conner: Welch / Morgan cross gelding, 5 years old in 2014. 14 hands tall. He rides very nice with a good fast walk. He just came home from his time with the students at Montana State University's horse department and had lots of great experiences. He is a very sweet horse and loves the attention. He sold to Patty in Nevada
Hercules and Amos: Beautiful team of Percheron geldings, 10 and 11 years old in 2014. They drive quiet and would make a great wagon / sleigh team and they are nice enough to show. Congratulations to Cascades Camp and Conference Center, Yelm, WA - hope you have lot of fun with them.
Baker and Braxton: Morgan / Percheron cross geldings. Baker is 4 years old in 2013, driving on the right, Braxton is 5 years old with the star. They are very personable, easy to handle and have lots of potential to be a competitive pair. They will probably mature to be 16 to 16.1 hands tall. Sold to Don Gardner and staying in Montana
Guinness: 5 year old draft cross gelding in 2013, he stands 15.2 hands tall. He is sweet to be around, he rides, drives and is very personable. He does everything with great manners - ties, shoes, hitches - anything you want. Guinness sold to Leslie Kirkland from Oklahoma
Austin: A Morgan / Welsh cross, 6 year old gelding in 2013, solid black, standing 14.1 hands and drives single or as a pair. He is an awesome mover and would be a wonderful CDE prospect. He rides and drives and is easy to be around.
Austin went to Gary Waite and his 83 year old mother Louise Waite in Bridgeport, CA
Paulo: One of the sweetest driving horses you can find anywhere. He is a 5 year old in 2012, Welch/Morgan cross gelding standing about 13.3 or 14 hands tall. He rides and drives and is easy to harness, hitch, load or anything you want. He has great potential for a competition horse, nothing seems to bother him on the roads. He has a nice fast walk and trot and makes a great lesson horse or a horse for a beginning driver. Paulo sold to Peggy from BC Canada!

Rio: 4 years old in 2012, Haflinger/Paint cross gelding.He stands about 14.1 hands tall. He rides and drives very nice! Good ground manners and is very easy to be around to catch, harness, hitch and drive. A fun horse for most any driver. Sold to Linda and Ty from Oregon
Hampton: 7 year old gelding and stands about 16.2 or 16.3. He is a Clydesdale / paint cross. Hampton went to Big Timber, Montana
Gap: Red Clydesdale gelding, 14 years old in 2012. Stands 17.1 hands tall. Gap rides and drives very nice and quiet. He would make a super Carriage horse. Great beginners horse. Loads, baths, clips he is an all around easy horse to handle. Gap went to Choteau, MT
Fritz: is a beautiful solid black pony, 11 years old in 2011. He is a grade Morgan and stands 14.1 hands tall. He rides and drives very sweet and quiet and he has great forward movement. He has wonderful barn manners, loads, stands and ties perfect. We have used him as a lesson horse for several years.
Fritz sold to Cheryl Steeves from Alberta Canada. Thanks and congratulations Cheryl.
Legend and Image: went to Robert Smith from CA. Robert was here for a week of lessons and trying out different pairs. He decided on these two. He also took the clinic that Alex presented at the Sargent's Equestrian Center in CA - the last I heard everyone loves the horses! Of course!
Max: went to Andrew and Robert (see above). I don't think you could talk Andrew out of the horse for love or money! Andrew also took a week of lessons with us, and he took the clinic Alex presented in CA.
Cadet: Clydesdale- thoroughbred cross, gelding, 8 years old in 2011. He stands about 17.2 hands. Cadet had 3 months of professional riding and jumping training, and 6 months of professional driving training and experience on the farm and on the roads. We sold him first to give rides around the wineries in WA, and after several years the owner had to sell him and asked us to help. We sold him to Kate in Montana to ride and drive.
Duke: went to Alaska and is being pampered! Here is what his new person wrote: Duke is doing wonderful! He acts like he has lived here all his life, and is settling in so well. He comes on the trot whenever we call for him, and loves his horse treats 🙂 I've been walking him around the RV Park every day, and I even harnessed him up and drove him around his pen, and the park. What a joy he is! I can't wait to hook him up to the wagon. Thank you to you and Alex for matching us with the perfect horse! He is exactly what you promised, and exactly what I was hoping for! Thanks again, Mary
Hercules: We bought him for Lucie Murphy to replace a Percheron she and her husband Dr. Phil lost a while back. Lucie just competed for the first time at a draft horse show, in the Pleasure Cart class at the Draft Horse Expo in Deer Lodge she placed 4th! I think she is hooked now!
Lewis: 10 or 11 year old Percheron gelding, black with a star. He is 17.3 hands tall and drives single, double and has worked in a four-up. He has been used for wagon, sleigh and carriage rides and is a great all around draft horse. Lewis went to Illinois to work for a Funeral home.
Ice and Breeze: We call them the Polar boys because they are so cool! They are Percheron/Paint-Thoroughbred cross, full brothers - 11 and 12 years old in 2009. They stand 16 and 16.1 tall and have no bad habits. These boys are flashy and fun to drive. They ride very nice and have had ridden dressage training. It is hard to find a better matched pair! They are Medicine Hat horses, with the dark cap on their heads and ears and a few dark spots and markings. They have done very well as a pair in the Combined Driving Events in the West and they love the marathon! Peter Stone Model Horses produced a limited edition model of the Polar Boys in 2005! It was the first time they made a model of a famous pair of horses. They sold to Hector Alcalde in VA
Rockwell: is a sorrel/white Haflinger/Paint cross gelding, standing 14.2 hands, 1200 lbs, 6 years old in 2010. Rides, drives, good for the farrier, baths, good ground manners as well. Sold to Private Owner
Miles: 6 years old in 2009 and stands 14 or 14.1 hands tall. He is Welch/Morgan cross. He rides and drives single or as a pair. He is very sweet - we have used him as a lesson horse and would be good for pleasure or in the CDE's. Miles went to Canada after his new owner took driving lessons in the spring.
Travis: 7 years old in 2009. He is a steel-gray Percheron / Standardbred cross gelding. He drives very nice and has been ridden. He stands 16.1 or 16.2 hands tall. He competeded in a couple CDEs with Twist (a horse we sold to Donika Shrauger) and did very well. They won 1st place with our student Donika Shrauger driving them!
Minnie: 9 years old in 2009, Percheron/Paint cross mare. She is 15 hands tall and has never been bred. Minnie has been ridden a lot for kids events but she would take advantage of an inexperienced rider who does not know what they are doing. Minnie has a cartoon mouse spot on her side - thus the name Minnie Mouse. She went to WA!
Clete: Kathryn Hatch, Dillon, MT wanted a horse she and her husband could ride and drive. She competed in one of the CDEs with our Fritz horse and had so much fun she wanted a horse of her own. Clete is a horse that is willing to do anything asked and has been perfect for her to continue her lessons. photo by kathi.s@comcast.net taken at the Teddy Bear CDE in Spokane, WA
Cadet: 5 years old in 2008. He is a Clydesdale/thoroughbred cross gelding and stands 17 hands. Perfect for a ride or drive horse. He loads, ties, hauls and drives quiet. Here is a horse that has the potential to bring you lots of fun, whatever your discipline. Cadet sold and went to Yakima, WA
Winston: A Clydesdale/thoroughbred cross gelding. He was 5 years old in May 2008 and stands 17 hands. He is very classy looking and moves nice. He loads, ties and hauls quiet. Here is another horse that has the potential to bring you lots of fun, whatever your discipline. He has been driven single but most of his driving has been as a pair with Cadet above. Winston sold and is now in Texas.
Norman and Rudy: 7 years old in 2008, Belgian/Quarter Horse cross geldings. They are 16 hands and would be a good beginner pair of horses. They drive quiet and responsive. They would also make good carriage horses or a nice farm team. They load nice, stand quiet and are very easy to be around. They sold in MT
Canon and Nikon: Full brothers. They are 1/4 Morgan and 3/4 Standardbred. Canon is 6 years old and Nikon is 5 years old in 2007. They stand around 15.1 hands tall. They both ride and they drive single or double. We have used them for lesson horses. This pair were at Happs, the CDE in Washington! They sold in MT
Prince and Justin: 5 year old Percheron geldings, 18 hands tall. A nice team of horses, easy to be around, they love attention. They have been on lots of farm equipment but they have a show disposition and would be great for someone who wants to show draft horses. This team would be better for someone with driving experience. This nice team sold to Brian and Larry Loomis, Moscow, Idaho
Joy: We raised and trained this mare and sold her to Janet Holt who sends us wonderful photos a couple times of the year. This picture was so beautiful I had to add it to the site. Janet has enjoyed riding and driving Joy for many years! Thanks Janet for keeping us informed.
Trace: 5 years old in 2007. He is a Percheron crossbred gelding standing about 16 hands tall. We have used him for a lesson horse and he has a very sweet nature and drives very nice with good extension. He has been ridden and goes along fine but we spend more time driving. Sold to Deb in Nebraska! She comes once a year for more lessons with Trace.
The Feel Good Boys: so named because they will make you feel good when you drive them! Their full names are "Jack Daniels" (JD is 7 years old in 2007), and "On the Rocks" (6 years old in 2007), they are bay Welsh Cob geldings. They are are full brothers and stand about 15.2 hands tall. This nice pair of horses went to UT to compete in the CDEs
Amos and Calvin: A very nice team of Percheron geldings, 6 and 7 years old in 2007. They are about 17 hands tall and they weigh around 1800 to 2000 pounds. They have worked everywhere in the fields and are very quiet on the road. This is a great work or parade team. Sold to a ranch in Montana for rides and farming.
Jetski: A very sweet driving pony, 5 years old, 14 hands tall. He is a Morgan crossbreed, very quiet to drive, harness and hitch. Alex decided to hop on him to see how well he rode and Jetski acted like it was no big deal. He is the perfect beginners horse who will take care of you. Sold to Marilyn Henderson from Washington who just moved to Montana so she could be closer to the Fraser School of Driving!!
Speedboat: A 7 year old Standardbred pony gelding, standing about 14.1 or 14.2 hands tall. He is a real sweetheart with great manners, he loads, ties, drives and rides very nice. No bad habits or problems we have found. Speedboat loves to be with you and has a soft, friendly nature. He was easy to break to saddle work and can walk, trot, canter, jump in the arena and goes in the mountains just beautifully. His trot is impressive to say the least. Sold to Pat Smith, Oregon
Capone: 6 year old Belgian/Standardbred cross gelding. We named him Capone because he has a few scars - nothing that will hurt him but they are there and mostly hidden under harness. Capone is a very sweet, willing horse to drive - he also rides very mannerly. He has worked on the road and in the fields and is very well trained. He is an awesome pleasure driving horse and would be a perfect beginners horse. Sold to Lisa in Nevada
Jazz and Pop: We named them the Music boys because they drive with cadence. They are 5 and 7 years old in 2005, full brothers ¼ Percheron, ¼ Thoroughbred and ½ Morgan. This pair drives awesome!! These horses worked on a wine tour in WA and when the owner retired we sold them to a new wonderful home in VA to Caroline and Carl Cox.
Mystique: 4 years old in 2005. She is a Percheron/thoroughbred cross and stands 15.3 to 16 hands tall. She is very athletic and would be good for show or pleasure. She rides and drives beautifully. She is quiet but very alert, has good manners and is easy to work with. She is a real sweet heart to be around, she loads, stands quiet and has a great disposition.
Sold - US Army Caisson Section Fort Sam Houston, Texas
Vegas: A very nice Morgan cross breed. He is 2 years old and already trained to drive. He is 14.3 hands tall and should mature to be about 15.2 hands. We drove him with Chance so they could both enjoy the day but he also drives single. These photos were taken their first time together, Vegas is on the left. Vegas is very well trained and sweet to be around.
Sold - US Army Caisson Section Fort Sam Houston, Texas
Chance: A dark, brown bay, Morgan/Standardbred cross, 4 years old in 2005. He is 15.1 hands tall. We use him as a lesson horse at the school. These photos were taken with a couple different students. Chance rides and drives quiet and has great manners. He is a sweet-heart and would be great for anything you want to do. Sold - US Army Caisson Section Fort Sam Houston, Texas
Luke and Kyle: A very nice team of Belgian geldings. These boys have shown in Ladies Cart, Tandem, Hitch Team, Americana and have been on wagon rides. They are very classy and easy to drive. They have style and experience. Both are very big boys, quiet and sweet. We bought these horses for a friend of ours several years ago, and she has recently decided to sell the horses, wagon and cart. This is a good starter team for someone. Sold in California
Classie: 4 years old in 2004. She is about 15.2 hands tall. She is very kind and gentle, she has wonderful disposition and a very smooth trot. She is out of a half Percheron/ half Quarter horse mare and her sire was half Percheron/ half Thoroughbred. We named her Classie because she is. Sold - now in Missoula, MT
Tony: 5 year old Belgian Gelding. 17.3 hands tall. He drives single or double and is very well trained. Great disposition, loads, hauls and does everything very well. Sold to Mountain Hitch Company in Big Sky, MT
Luke: 5 year old Belgian gelding - 18 hands tall. Good mover, quiet and would make an excellent hitch horse, carriage horse or ladies cart horse. He has been used to give lessons to beginning drivers. He stand, ties, loads great and has great barn manners. Luke is ready to go to work for you! Sold to Mountain Hitch Company in Big Sky, MT
Ranger: A very beautiful Clydesdale cross gelding 3 years old in 2004. Judging by his conformation we would guess he was crossed with a thoroughbred. He has 3 white socks, and a white blaze. Ranger is 16 hands tall now and will probably grow a bit more. He is a real mover, has a good mind and is gorgeous! You can click on the photo for a larger view. Sold to Keith, Linda and Kimberly Evans, Nevada
Kipling: 4 year old steel gray Warmblood, gelding. He is gorgeous, moves free and easy. He has had over 100 days dressage training and has the potential to go far. He is sweet, loads, ties and stands quiet. He is around 16 hands tall and may grow some still. We fell in love with him as soon as we saw him! He rides beautifully and should take you where you want to go! I can't help but tell him how pretty he is! He is poetry in motion! Sold to Deb Porcarelli, Fairfield, Montana for a dressage horse.
Ben and Will: 3/4 brothers. Sorrel Belgian crossbreeds. 7 years old May 2006. Alex calls them "Benny 2 Socks" and "Willy 3 Socks" for the white on their legs - thus - the Sock Brothers. These 2 boys have lots of what it takes to be competitive! Well matched and they travel together beautifully. They stand about 16 and 16.1 hands tall. The Sock Boys went to the green hills of Tennessee.
Oscar Hitch-style Belgian Gelding - 4 years old. He is big, beautiful, heads up and has great action! He is well trained, stands quiet, loads, ties, hauls nice, easy to shoe. 18 plus hands tall. He will make a great wheel or swing horse for your hitch. Oscar sold in Iowa!
Izzy: A very sweet coming 3 year old in 2004. Percheron/thoroughbred filly. We have only worked her in halter. She has not yet started her training. Here is a quality filly with lots of potential. She is 15.3 to 16 hands tall. Sold to a dressage trainer and competitor!
Corvette and Cruise: Lovingly called the Sporty Boys because of their stylish quality. They are Paint/Arab cross and half brothers. They are gruella-buckskins in color. They will be 4 years old in 2003. They stand 56 ½ inches and 57 inches tall, barefoot. They already ride and drive very nice and have lots of potential! This pair could compete in the driving competitions. Sold to Paula Scott and are competing in the CDEs
Porsche and Mercedes: The Sporty Girls. They are full sisters to the Sporty Boys. (see above). The girls were 3 years old. They will make a nice team of 4 with Corvette and Cruise. They are also gruella-buckskins in color. Sold to Paula Scott, Butte, Montana!
Tyko: A Registered Belgian stallion, L.A. Tami's Tyko, born June 5, 2001. He is sorrel with white mane, tail and has a nice blaze. He is well balanced and has a very good disposition! Tyko's sire is LandC Korry who goes back to All-en Time Jayson and Ohio State Conqueror, and Conqueror's Left on his father's side. His dam is L. A. Tami's Tasha who goes back to Remlap Spike (the producer of many of the top hitch horses used today), Constrico and Eddie DuMarais, the foundation of the great horses of our time. Tyko's brother, L.A. Tami's Maverick, was Reserve All American Belgian 2 year old stallion in 2002 and sold for $10,000 as a weanling. His mother, Tami, was a known daughter of Remlap Spike. She was one of the few 18 hand mares who produced 18 hand mares. Tami's mother was a known daughter of Eddie DuMarais. If you go back through the Draft Horse Journal's and Belgian Review's - you can see reference to Spike, Eddie and LandC Korry, everywhere! Tyko is now in Washington state with a wonderful family.
The Cola Kids: These tri-colored Paint ponies are called The Cola Kids because they are so sweet! They are very cute and already trained to drive. They are both 4 years old and have been competing in the combined driving events. Here is a well trained, flashy pair of ponies, young enough to give many years of driving pleasure. RC is 57 inches tall (14.1h) and Coke is 56 inches tall, (14.0h). They have a long career ahead of them. This pair sold to Muffy Seaton in Virginia!
Jessie: 10 years old in 2003. Chestnut in color. He has had a lot of quality training to ride and to drive. He is easy to work with, and he is willing to do what ever you ask. He is very light on the bit and drives like butter. He used to belong to an older woman and is very gentle. His breeding may be Saddlebred and Thoroughbred cross. He stands about 15.3 to 16 hands tall. He would be good for any level driver. He has potential to be top level single horse and could possible go advance. Sold to a great home in Montana!
Jet and Raven: They are Percheron/thoroughbred cross. They are full brothers, 5 and 6 years old in 2003. They stand 16.3 and 16.2 hands tall. The are very well trained to drive and will be the same horses even if you don't drive them every day. Very stylish, very dependable. They were giving stagecoach rides in Gold Creek, MT but when the ranch sold out, we resold them to Caroline and Carl Cox in VA - who now have a team of four they bought from us. AND they love them!
Geoff We named this horse after the giraffe in the toy commercial because he has such a nice long neck. Geoff is a 3 year old Saddlebred and drives soft and smooth with lots of class. He is a beautiful Liver chestnut with flaxen mane and tail and stands around 15.3 hands tall. A very nice single horse for pleasure or competition. You will love this horse! He drives like a dream! Geoff sold to Marshal and Lisa in Indiana!
Cricket: Here is Cricket, (the black), with Classie, (the bay), as we unloaded them. Cricket has been ridden about 15 times and is very quiet and willing. She won't be real big but she sure is pretty. Cricket has also been packed in the hills.3 years old. Cricket sold to Anita Wolf, Sandpoint, Idaho!
Lance and Razor: Percheron/thoroughbred cross, half brothers - 5 days apart in age. They are already trained to drive and are very sharp looking, thus the name! They are dark bays and stand just under 16 hands. This pair has a long career ahead of them. They are quiet and level headed and have the potential to go far in competition. They could also be great for pleasure driving or for a commercial carriage business in another year or two. These boys sold to Catherine Matthew in the Bitterroot! They are doing mirror dressage.
Deb: A red sorrel Belgian draft horse mare. She comes from registered stock but was never papered herself. She has very nice conformation and would be great to raise cross breed horses. She was trained as a single horse but she works better with a team mate. She stands about 17.2 hands tall. 7 years old in 2004. She sold to Gold Creek, MT
Dan and Josh: A showy team of Percheron geldings - 3 years old in 2004. They are well trained, drive with good action and have great disposition. They will be great for someone wanting to show, play or use for carriage rides. They stand 17 to 17.1 hands tall and will grow. Sold! Dan and Josh went to Arizona!
Gunner and Gordy: 3 year old Percheron geldings. These boys will be wonderful in a hitch or go anywhere with style. Very heads up, drives nice, good ground manners and ready for a new home. They have not shed out completely in these photos so they still show some winter hair. They stand 17.2 to 17.3 hands tall now and should mature around 18 hands. This team would make a great parade, show or carriage team. Sold! These boys went to Washington State