Features & Specifications

  • Spacious Platform- longer and wider than traditional forecart
  • Raised tongue allows more clearance for horses’ feet
  • Steel tongue with built in safety to secure ring neckyoke
  • Lower hitch for accurate line-of-draft
  • Easily switch shafts and tongue by removing a single pin
  • 3-horse adapter eliminates all side-draft when driving multiple hitches
  • Mechanical or Hydraulic Brakes
  • Comes in 2 Sizes: Draft or Haflinger
  • NOTE: The guard in front of the driver seat must be purchased separately!
Draft Forecart
red bench, fenders, and shafts
  • Platform 42″ Wide x 27″ Long
  • Overall width outside of wheels: 64″
  • Standard Cart: 1-3/4″ spindle
  • Heavy-Duty Cart: 2″ spindle
  • You Choose Suspension
    • Spring Torsion Axle: Strong Steel Spring provides ultra-smooth ride
      • Max Drawbar Weight: 750 lbs
    • Rubber Torsion Axle: Rubber suspension reduces shock on equipment and operator
      • Max Drawbar weight: 1500 lbs


Haflinger Forecart
Summit Haflinger Forecart
  • Fits Standardbred and Haflinger size horses
  • Rubber Torsion Axles come standard
  • Lightweight, but surdy and well-balanced
  • Platform 33-1/2″ Wide x 22″ Long
  • Overall width outside of wheels: 52-1/2″
  • 2″ Square Steel Tongue with safety tongue cap
  • Max drawbar weight: 750lbs
  • Wheels: Your choice of rims, rims with tires, steel wheels, or steel wheels with rubber tires (listed in ascending price order)
  • Seat: Bench, Implement, or Tractor Seat (Tractor Seat only available on Draft Forecart)
    • Bench Seat comes in Black or Burgundy
  • Bench Seat Cover
  • Implement Seat Cushion
  • Cargo Tray: 17″ wide x 29″ long x 8-1/2″ high
  • Reese Hitch Receiver (Fits any 2″ Reese insert including cargo tray)
  • Reese Ball Mount w/ 2″ ball
  • Drawbar Extension
  • Mechanical Brakes: Band Type  with replaceable lining, foot pedal operated with lock
  • Hydraulic Brakes: 10″ trailer type and foot pedal operated. All brakes are factory installed, tested and adjusted. Brake lock included.
  • Tongues: Adjustable length, steel, square tube, includes tongue safety cap.
    • Draft: 2-1/2″ square tube; 121″ from hitch pin to neckyoke
    • Haflinger: 2″ square tube; 102″ from hitch pin to neckyoke
  • Shafts
    • Draft: 87″ from 38″ singletree to front of shaft pipe; 27″ width at narrowest point
    • Haflinger: 76″ from 38″ singletree to front of shaft pipe; 23″ width at narrowest point
  • LED Lights: Includes 2 amber flashing LED lights with battery & Slow Moving Vehicle Triangle. Easy to install on bench seats.
  • Sun Shade: fold back for entry, mounts on DRAFT forecart with bench seat
  • Guard in front of driver
  • Lever Steering: For row crop applications and precise control when backing up to equipment
  • Cup Holder
  • Whip Socket
  • Toolbox (black)
  • Sled Runners
    • Safety Chains for Sled Runners
Sled Runners



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