Pioneer Summit Forecarts were originally designed to be used as a farm implement for horses, but they are also used for training, exercising horses, pleasure driving or what we call toolie-crashing (off road). Pioneer re-designed their forecarts in 2014, launching what is now called the Summit Forecart. The Summit series standardizes the sizes from the 5 different previous models to be available in 2 sizes: Draft and Haflinger. They also now offer a Produce Forecart, designed for precision control, and featuring attachments easily switched without tools.


Pioneer Forecarts & Attachments

Summit Forecarts

Draft & Haflinger Sizes, for Single or Multi-Horse Use

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Produce Forecarts

Cart & Attachments designed to fit the produce farmer's specific needs. One size only, but 2 tongue sizes available for Draft or haflinger-sized team use.

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Dump Trailer

Tows loads behind Forecart, easy unloading and maneuverability. Aluminum bed.

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Bale Mover

Load, transport, and unload round bales on your own. Includes mechanical winch for easy loading / unloading.

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For Plowing snow, scraping barnyards, and leveling dirt.

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