Save time in the field by doing more with one pass. The Pioneer Cultimulcher will perform in all soil conditions; from nice loamy soil to heavy clay or tough black soil. This tillage tool will allow peace of mind when your time in the field is limited.

Features and Specifications
  • Articulating center allows unit to turn 180° without drag or skippers
  • S-tines along front level surface of soil
  • 17″ independent rolling crumblers crush clods before they dry in the sun
  • Rear cage rollers leave neatly tilled surface
  • Overall length of unit (excluding tongue) 10′ 6″
Base Price
  • Includes implement seat, wooden tongue, and sliding neck yoke.
  • You Choose:
    • Cultimulcher with front and rear cage roller OR
    • Cultimulcher with rear cage roller and front crumbler
Width Options
  • 6′ Cultimulcher: 20 teeth, 4 horses recommended
  • 8′ Cultimulcher: 26 teeth, 6 horses recommended
  • 10′ Cultimulcher: 32 teeth, 8 horses recommended
Other Options
  • Offset tongue bracket for 3 horses
  • Cushion for Implement seat