Family Picnics and trail rides are extra special with the Pioneer Buckboard. The spacious bed allows children to safely ride in the back seat, with enough room for groceries or camping gear. The new Buckboard is redesigned to reduce weight and sound, and to increase comfort for the driver and passengers.

Features & Specifications

  • Lightweight design increases practicality of traveling long distances

    Buckboard with High-back poly seat in front and children’s seats in rear
  • Closed bed instead of hinged tailgate eliminates potential rattle points
  • Removable cushions make cleaning easier
  • Narrower bed allows sharper turning radius
  • PVC construction of high back seats, dash, and bed sides will never rot
  • Easily remove back seat without tools
  • Black automotive finish and PVC material hide chips and nicks from continued use
  • Floor is kiln dried poplar lumber
  • Comes standard with side and rear steps, whip socket, and floor mat
  • Bed is 4′ Wide x 7-1/2′ Long
  • Overall width outside of wheel hubs: 67″
  • 750lb load capacity
  • Wheels have 1-1/8″ heavy duty square spindles
  • Front Wheels 1-1/4″ x 32″
  • Rear Wheels 1-1/4″ x 40″

Gear Options:

Gear sold separately for buggy or surrey applications

Gears come standard with leaf springs, automotive black finish on wheels, mud flap behind horse, brakes on REAR axle w/ pedal & lock, wooden shafts and holdbacks.

You Choose:

  • Wood wheels with either steel tires, rubber tires, or steel on rubber tires (in ascending price order)
  • Hydraulic, cable, or block brakes on rear axle


  • Optional Hydraulic brake on FRONT axle
  • Steel Tongue (1-3/4″ square) w/ 36″ doubletree & neckyoke (haflinger size only)
  • Steel Shafts

Bed Options:

Buckboard with open-back seat, children’s seats, LED Light package, and tongue option
  • 2 high-back poly seats
  • high-back poly seat and & children’s seats
  • 2 open-back seats
  • open-back seat & children’s seats

Other Options:

  • LED Light packages include a 12V-17.5AH sealed battery, turn signals, amp gauge, switch box, and rear strobe light. Light Options:
    • red/white side lights and headlights
    • red/amber side lights and headlights
    • amber/amber side lights and headlights
  • Mirrors
  • Cup Holder
  • Storage Cover
Buckboard with 2 high-back poly seats, LED Lights, & Shafts