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We are proud dealers for Pioneer Equipment Inc because we appreciate the quality, durability, and flexibility of their products for use with horses or mules at home, on the farm, ranch, for pleasure or training. An Amish company based in Dalton, Ohio, Pioneer Equipment does not maintain its own website and relies on distributors to make the sales. We will place custom orders to fit your needs, and all equipment will be shipped directly to you from Ohio.


Purchasing Pioneer Equipment

Pioneer Equipment Company itemizes all of its pricing down to the smallest part, and prices change often depending on current prices of resources. For this reason we DO NOT list prices online, and we cannot quote you a “standard” price- it depends on what seat, wheels, brakes, etc you want. Therefore we encourage you to EMAIL US with the vehicle you want to purchase and a list of everything you would like (type of seat, brakes, suspension, etc) and we will quote you the price. We try to list on each web page what comes standard, and what you need to choose. That said, please feel free to call or email with any questions.


Pioneer Equipment Products

Forecarts & Attachments

One of the most popular and practical two-wheel carts out there, designed primarily for farming, but also used for training horses and off-roading. Several designs and sizes. Attachment options include Dump Trailer, Round-Bale Mover, and Blade for moving snow and dirt.

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Wagons and Wagon Gears

Pioneer manufactures wagon beds for those who are looking to build their own wagon, as well as for most of the wagons manufactured by Weaver Wagon Company. Pioneer also makes two wagons of its own- the Buckboard Wagon and the Produce Wagon.

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Yokes, Trees, Eveners & Hitching Hardware

Neckyokes, singletrees, doubletrees, eveners, clevises, pins, jockeys, and other hitching hardware.

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All wagon, plow, and mower tongues, as well as tongue caps and hammer straps.

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Toolboxes, Cup Holders, Sled Runners and more.

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Work Sled

Great for winter hauling and training.

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Spike Tooth and Spring Tooth Harrows for pasture aeration and seedbed prep; optional Crumbler attachment crumbles clods as you till.

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Logging Cart

For veterans or amateurs, built to haul logs. Optional Chainsaw Scabbard.

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Sulky Plows, Walking Plow, and Gang Plow; for the farmer or homesteader. Plow bottoms and parts available by Kverneland, Oliver & John Deere.

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The preferred equipment for smaller operations. One machine for multiple purposes, pullable by two light or medium sized work horses. Plow, Disc, Harrow, or Cultivate using easily switchable attachments.

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Walking Cultivator adjusts to height of operator and requires minimal handle control.

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Tilling has never been so easy. Do more with one pass, in any soil condition.

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Gang Mower

Mow the lawn in an efficient manner. Single horse, adjustable shafts.

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