We have found Kutzmann carriages to be a great value for people who want a well made four wheel carriage for pleasure, training and/or competition. They are ordered from Poland to individual specifications, size, wheel types, other requirements and color choices. Allow up to three months for delivery. Price of delivery depends on your location. Note: Carriage Prices INCLUDE initial shipping from Poland to Virginia. You will only be charged shipping fees for Virginia to your location.

Prices subject to change; please confirm before purchase.

All carriages come with:

  • rear hydraulic brakes
  • parking brake
  • 5th wheel brake
  • choice of pneumatic or hard tires
  • choice of body color or optional stainless steel
  • choice of spring suspension or optional air ride
  • choice of shaft tip styles (we recommend stainless steel loop tips)
  • two (2) year warranty

There are many more styles available if you don’t see something you like!

Email us with the size horse(s) you are driving and what you would like to do with the vehicle, and we will help you with your options and carriage styles, and provide a price quote for you.

Featured below are our most popular options but we can order anything Kutzmann Carriage makes.

HNA Hanna

A great single competition marathon vehicle for cob or pony from 13 hands to 14.2. Weighs 331 pounds for a cob size (150KG) or for a pony 298 pounds (135KG). It has rear brakes, independent shafts for a single horse. Wheels can be the hard rubber for Marathon or pneumatic for training and pleasure.
Base price: $5500
SH2 Sportive

Comes in 2 sizes: cob size and single to fit a horse 14 to 15 hands weighing 485 (220KG). Horse for the 15.1 to 16.1 hand horses, weight is 507 pounds (230 KG). Includes shafts for a single horse and a pole for a pair. Rear brakes, torsion suspension, a dickey seat is optional. This photo shows it with the pneumatic tires but you can get the hard rubber also - or order both sets of wheels for training and then change for competition. Contact us for additional options.
Base price: $5700
The Norway

Pair and Single carriage for larger horses. Weighs 595 lbs (270KG), Length 98 inches. Wheels: Front 29", Rear 29". Marathon tips, parking brake. Rear disc brakes. Seat slides to middle - drivers wedge and passenger seat. Pneumatic tires. Straight spokes. Seats six people. Wood trim or all back metal. 3 way single tree for single.
Options: Rounded or square dash, 5th wheel brake and front brakes.
Base price single: $5500
Base price pair: $5790

Small everyday wagonette style carriage for pair of minis or Shetlands. It can be driven as a pair of minis or single pony - up to 12 hands. Weighs 330lbs (150KG). This carriage can be modified with the following Options: Air bag suspension, Rounded dash, Back handles can be done in many ways.Hard or soft tires, Bench seat or double seat - a sliding seat would not be recommend as it adds a lot of weight. Can also have a 3 seat cushion in front which includes a drivers wedge.
Base price: $4750
Kami For Minis

This is a smaller wagonette, for VSE, only weighs 265 to 300 pounds(120KG). Very nice for minis and little Shetlands, this is more of a recreational pleasure vehicle. Can have many options as with the Buteo above.
Base price: $4990
Cob Lite Single

A great carriage for a cob size horse from 13.1 to 15.2 hands. Weight depends on options and extras. Wood sides or metal.
Maybe ordered with Pneumatic or hard tires or both.
Rear disc brakes, park brake and 5th wheel brake in front is standard.
Soft elliptical springs suspension or order the optional air ride suspension.
Base price: $5300

Cob lite pair

A great and versatile carriage for a pair of ponies or a single horse.
Choose hard marathon wheels or pneumatic tires. Comes with pole and shafts.
Base price: $5500

This is a great carriage for Friesians or any large horses. You may order hard rubber tires or pneumatic tires or both. Standard equipment include rear brakes, 5th wheel brake, elliptical springs, pole and shafts. Weight depends on options and extras.
You can get it with wood or plain sides,
Base price single: $5,200 with wood $5,400
Base price pair: $5,400 with wood $5,700

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Country Carriage

A great vehicle for single horse or pair offering a little more space for passengers in the back. Weight depends on options and extras.
Base price: $5100

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Challenger carriage

A wonderful carriage for a larger horse or a pair of horses to give rides to a few people to for students attending a driving school.

$10,000 delivered in the USA

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