Since 2012, The Fraser School of Driving has hosted a Combined Driving Event (CDE) style Summer Fun Training Show for our clients. This show is designed to be a FUN and SAFE introduction to a CDE for you and your horse(s). Whether you want to practice before going on to the real thing, or never intend to compete and just want to have fun, this event may be for you.

2018 Show Dates: June 29 – July 1

All for Fun

And Fun for All


  • Private Lessons available for competitors on Thursday and Friday
  • Cones & Marathon events are timed
  • Dressage is scored
  • Obstacles designed to give you and your horse the most varied experience possible, and include but not limited to:
    • Water hazard
    • Low bridge crossing
  • Saturday evening discussions with positive feedback for all competitors, analysis of performance and how to improve times and scores!
  • Home cooked meal for exhibitors and volunteers on Saturday!
  • Sunday you get to do all the courses again to see if you can improve your scores!
  • Prizes, fun and laughter!

New Experiences


Don’t have your own horses or equipment? A limited number of schooling horses and carriages are available for current students to use. You must have completed the basic training at the Fraser School of Driving.

Dates are usually the July 4th Weekend or the weekend before the 4th.
For Information & To Enter, contact show coordinator:

Donika Shrauger

Generic Schedule:

  • Check-In by Friday Evening.
  • Thursday & Friday: Private Lessons available for competitors from Donika or Alex. Courses opened for you to WALK but not take horses or carriages through.
  • Saturday & Sunday: Cones, Dressage & Marathon events (in that order). Unlike a sanctioned CDE, you get a chance to do the same courses again on Sunday, after feedback from trainers and coaches on Saturday! This is a TRAINING show and our primary goal is for you to learn and improve your driving skills but more important is to have FUN!.

Cost: 2018 Cost TBA

Other Requirements:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Safety Conscious
  • Put care of horses first
  • Horses & Equipment must be deemed safe to yourself and other competitors by Alex
  • Be kind to each other
  • Have fun