Professional Training is a Wise Investment in Your Safety and Future

Before you buy horses, equipment and harness and before you attempt to drive your horses – PLEASE seek professional assistance. Learn to drive safely and responsibly before you risk yourself, your family and your horses. Many of our students have come to us with a horse, harness or vehicle only to learn that nothing fits right or that they bought something not suitable. Learn about the sport of driving before you invest your money! Let us help you get it right the first time.


♦ Lessons ♦

Lessons vary with each student, all lessons are private one-on-one unless you are taking a clinic. Everyone has different interests and levels of ability, so we prefer to work with each individual to offer what they need the most. We teach driving with contact; this is the safest and most responsive way to drive one or multiple horses. We will cover harnessing, but we focus mostly on hands-on-driving. We are very flexible in the lessons and we try to accommodate your individual goals and requirements. You may drive a single horse or a well matched pair of our own horses. We offer lessons in driving four horses, but only after you have accomplished driving a pair. Lesson horses and vehicles provided by the School, but you are welcome to bring your own as well.

    A $150 deposit is required to save your dates whether it is for a week or a weekend.

♦ Rates ♦

Basic Training:  $85 per hour for the first 15 hours of private lessons, which is our minimum recommendation for learning the basics. This roughly translates into a week of lessons. Our classes are usually two to three hours per day hands-on harnessing, hitching and driving a single or a pair of horses. There is usually at least an hour of informal class room per day to include question and answer time. This is about as much as most people want to absorb in a day. There is a lot to learn! One week is estimated to cost $1275.00.

Advanced Training: $75 per hour for students who have completed our Basic Training and want to continue developing their skills. This level of training does not require a minimum number of hours. Most people will be able to determine their own level of comfort and may come back to us anytime for more experience and to continue learning more. We can’t possible teach everything you will need to know in a week or even in two weeks. Many of our students come back, especially in the spring, for a tune-up on their driving skills and to correct any bad habits that they may have developed at home.

NOTE: Students who have already been with us for several years will still receive the lowest rate we offered from the beginning of their training.

Commercial Drivers: should consider at least 30 hours of private, professional training before you risk the lives of the trusting public. We cannot squeeze 30 hours of driving into a week’s time – you should allow at least two weeks for training. At the end of your 30 hours, you will be expected to pass our evaluation, at which time we will issue you a certificate of training. It is our hope that in the future the insurance companies will expect this level of training before they insure any commercial horse-drawn rides.
The cost for the Commercial Driver Training is estimated to be $2400.00

The Experience: $100 per hour for one or two hours of driving horses. This is for the people who just want to experience driving horses but have no intentions on going further with their training. Let’s go have some fun!

Partner Rates: $30 per hour for a spouse, family member or friend who will share the lesson time. The first person pays the full rate and the second person pays $30 per hour of shared time.


Winter Clinic in Indoor Arena

♦ Clinics ♦

Host a private clinic at Mountain View Arena or in your own town. This is for people who want to spend the entire day learning as much as they can about harnessing, hitching and driving horses. This will include lots of hands-on driving experience; how to get a better response from the driven horse; question and answer time; harness choices; vehicle selection; safety considerations; horse types and abilities; the horse’s way of thinking and responding; what the horse needs from the driver.

You may set up the clinic however you choose. We suggest a maximum of ten people to participate in the clinic at your facilities in order to allow some one-on-one time with each participant. You may want to allow auditors – these are people who want to watch and listen to the instructions but will not have any hands-on experience. There is no limit on the numbers of auditors you allow to attend but they should each pay a nominal fee. A clinic day will include approximately eight hours plus an hour lunch break.

$400 per day clinic at our facilities.

$500 per day plus Expenses for clinics away from home.

Expenses for off-site clinics:

    • $1.00 per mile to and from our place to your location if Alex drives his truck, OR the cost for air fare and parking at the airport
    • Food and lodging for the time Alex is away from home
    • $250 each day of travel time if the clinic is less than five days. If the clinic is five days or more there will not be the extra charge for travel time
    • Additional fee if we have to haul horses and/or carriages for lessons


♦ Winter Clinics at Fraser School of Driving ♦

We host a series of winter weekend clinics each year, every 6 weeks, October-May. The cost is $150 for Saturday/Sunday instruction which includes Saturday night dinner. Stalls for horses are $10 per stall per night.

Winter Clinic Series


2018 Schedule: registration is required a week before clinic dates

  • March 23, 24, 25 The Light Within Vibrational Medicine for Horses clinic call for details.
  • April 14-15
  • May 19-20
  • June – preparing for the fun show
  • June 30, July 1 – 6th Annual Fun Training Show

♦ Horse Training ♦

We do not train horses to drive any more – we would rather focus on training people to drive horses as safely as possible; but we can recommend some of the trainers we use. We suggest a horse be no older than five years old to being training to drive, with a few exceptions of course.

Many people have asked us to teach them how to train their own horses to drive, but we caution people that to be a trainer of horses you have to first know what you are doing and you have to understand how horses respond to something so new and different as pulling a noisy monster on wheels behind them. Unless you are already a trainer, it is not as easy as you may think. You not only have to know what to do if things go bad, but how to be supportive for your horse so he or she doesn’t panic, and what to do if they do panic. If your mind is made up to train your own horse we would suggest you take at least our Basic Training so you can learn something about what to teach your horses. Without proper training for yourself, it may be compared to taking flying lessons from someone who doesn’t have more than a few hours of flight time themselves!