Attorneys understand legal matters when there has been a carriage accident but they don’t usually  understand horses or the equipment involved. That is why they look for an expert horseman who does understand horses and how they respond or react to something when things go wrong.  Alex Fraser has worked with horses for over 50 years from riding, training horses, dude wrangling, farming and logging with horses, showing from a single horse to a six-horse hitch, parades, owner and operator for commercial trolley / wagon rides, sleigh rides and training people to work with horses. He is often called to do a safety inspection on the horses, equipment and routes for the commercial rides and trains drivers to operate a commercial equestrian venue and to be as safe as possible.

With horses there is always a risk of injury, but if someone gets hurt, the courts need to know if someone has been negligent so they know how to settle the matter. Alex has the ability to offer his advice and expertise to assist in determining what happened, if someone was at fault, and if an accident could have been prevented.

If possible, it is best to ask the advice of an expert before taking depositions, so better questions can be asked of the witnesses.

If we can help, please contact us for a consultation.  Alex will let you know if he can help your case or not.

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