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Experience the Thrill of Driving Horses
Enjoy a Learning Vacation in beautiful Montana

Plan your vacation time, take driving lessons and discover Montana!

We welcome people of all ages – the majority of our students are between 50 and 85 years of age. Many people come to us when they can no longer sit in the saddle comfortable but they don’t want to give up horses so they want to learn how to drive horses.

We welcome people with no horse experience but have always wanted to learn.

We work with commercial drivers and pleasure drivers to show them how to get a better response and have more fun.




There are always risks while working with livestock. You can learn how to reduce those risks by understanding how horses respond to fear and confusion.

Enjoy driving for pleasure, competition or commercial rides

Single horse or pair of horses




The Fraser School of Driving was established in 1995 to teach safety and expertise to those interested in driving horses. We cater to all ages and abilities, from beginners without any previous horse experience, to coaching people who want to compete.

Alex and Kayo Fraser have worked with draft and light driving horses for well over forty years. More recently Alex has focused on Combined Driving Events (CDEs); training for driven dressage, obstacles, cross country and marathon courses. The Frasers prepare horses and drivers for work, competition and pleasure.

Whether you want to get started with the basics of driving, continue your training, or take one or two hours just for the experience, we’re here to help. We can also help you purchase horses, harness and equipment to fit your goals.

The Fraser School of Driving is open year round. We offer lessons and clinics on our property at Mountain View Arena in Deer Lodge, Montana, or we can travel to your location! Take lessons with your own horse(s) and equipment, or use ours.

We custom order harness, vehicles, and equipment to fit your particular needs. We have some amazing driving horses for sale, or we can take orders to find the right horse for you. Alex travels to some of the largest draft horse and driving horse sales in the country, and knows who raises and trains quality driving horses. We are one of only a handful of dealers in the United States for the respected “Ideal Harness” Company.


Alex Fraser has been training people and horses for close to 50 years. He is an expert in commercial wagon and carriage rides, harness, showing, dude wrangling and saddle horses. His primary goal is to make the driving industry safer for the drivers, bystanders and horses. He offers safety clinics for commercial businesses and has served as an expert witness in cases involving horse and carriage accidents.

  • Expert Witness
  • Safety Inspection for Commercial Businesses
  • Course Designs for Shows
  • Draft Horse Show Judging
  • Horse & Equipment Sales & Safety Evaluation