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Shiloh 5th Wheel Horse Drawn Wagons & Chassis

   The Fraser School of Driving is the only other distributor for Shiloh Wagon Works. We are impressed with the quality of these wagons and have been selling them for years. We custom order every wagon to suit the individual needs of our buyers. These are shipped by Freight from the manufacturer in Minnesota to you direct, any where in the USA and Canada. Prices do not include shipping and are subject to change without notice. Caution! The manufacturer is thinking about retiring so these may not be available for long. Don't wait too long if you want a 5th wheel wagon! These are the best we have seen!
  These are built one at a time, it may take a few months to get your completed vehicle depending on the orders in shop, so plan ahead! Scroll down the page to see the models of wagons available. To get on the order list a 50% down payment is required. Final payment with shipping must be made before these leave the shop.

5th Wheel Chassis

 The Shiloh horse-drawn wagon chassis is built with a unique roller-bearing 5th wheel that offers more flexibility and tighter turning radius for greater maneuverability and ease of movement regardless of the load. The Chassis is built with new inch and 3/16th inch steel. It comes complete with rear brakes, brake petal, master cylinder assembly, springs, pole (tongue) to use with 2 horses, new wheels and tires. And now the towing attachment is included with all wagons and chassis to tow behind your pick-up truck. These are built so well you can tow them at highway speeds and not need a flat bed to haul them. There are more options available - see below.
This is a Shiloh 10 foot wagon set up with a pair of Norwegian Fjords. These wagons are light enough for ponies or single horses and can be also used with draft horses.

Wagon Beds

You may order the chassis and build your own wagon box or choose from the models below for a complete wagon. These are made one at a time so allow 6 to 8 weeks for orders. All prices are subject to change without notice. Several wagon styles have been discontinued.
#1) Shiloh Chassis. All chassis come with new 14" tires, brakes, springs, tongue (not shown) and tow package. You can order these in 10 foot or 12 foot lengths. Extended lengths up to 16 feet are available for an additional cost.


Powder coating is extra

#3) Shiloh 10 foot Wagon for Small Drafts or a pair of ponies.



#5) Shiloh 12 Foot basic Wagon Box


#6) Shiloh 12 Foot Wagon with Higher Sides


#7) Shiloh 12 foot wagon - higher driver's seat


#8) Shiloh 12 foot hay Rack Wagon


# 9A) Shiloh 12 foot hitch wagon with flair boards


Here is a photo of the #9A) Shiloh 12 foot hitch wagon with custom wheels put on by one of our clients. You can click on it for a little larger view.

Specifications for the Standard Draft Chassis

Springs                             4,000 lb - heavier spring suspension available
Brakes                               Rear Wheel Hydraulic - front brakes are available too
Length to Top Rails            11' 8"  - overall length with a single back step is just under 12 feet
Height to Top Rails            31 inches
Width - outside tire to tire   65 inches
weight of chassis                 800 lbs.
Roller Bearing 5th Wheel
Extended lengths are available for 14 feet to 16 feet.

Options for Chassis or wagons

Ski Kit.  The ski kit can make your wagon versatile for year round use. No need to have a separate sleigh for winter rides. Remove wheels and attach skis. You can still tow your wagon for rides away from home then change to skis when you get where you want to be. $920

Front brakes - we don't think you need these but you can get them if you want. $410
7,000 lb springs for heavier loads $210 also includes the heavier 6 ply tires
Added Chassis Length $410
Lever Lock (parking brakes) $445
Shafts - Light horse $375 or Draft Horse $405
Rear Single Step $95
Rear Double Step $180
Evening Lighting Kit (for complete wagons only) $250
Eveners with Single Trees for a team $150
Neck Yoke for a team $95
Passenger seats (Prices vary on models) $435
Bow and Canvas top for all models   ask for price 
Tow package included on all models
Shipping will be from the factory in Minnesota to you direct by Freight - US and Canada. You may call for a shipping estimate. 406-846-3686


Telephone: 406.846.3686 

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