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Horses for Sale

   We have some great horses for sale and for a limited time only we are offering an inventory reduction sale. These are all awesome driving horses and most of them have also been ridden. We are changing our focus and don't need to keep a large inventory of horses for sale. We will keep a few for students to drive but we can't keep all the horses in condition all the time. Each one is well trained and most are fine with a few months off and still drive very mannerly when hitched again, but it is not fair for them to not be used more often. Now is the time to get that special horse!

Sweetest Taboo

 He is 5 years old in 2014, a beautiful dun, Hackney / Quarterhorse cross gelding standing at 14 hands. Rides and drives very sweet, which is why Alex named him after the song by Sade (look up the song as his name, it is awesome) He is easy to load, hitch, groom, bathe, or anything you need him to do. A nicer driving pony will be hard to find. Road traffic doesn't bother him, he is very well trained! There is no such thing as a bomb proof horse, but he is as close as you can get and still be alive and well. The two new photos were taken between the CDE's in CA this year. Ben is exercising Taboo at Sargent Equestrian Center. Here is a video Taboo on youtube.

     Taboo Taboo




Mya is a five year old in 2014, Morgan/Welsh cross mare. She rides and drives and is very sweet to be around. She is 13.3 hands tall should mature to 14 hands. We have used her for training students to drive and is very willing to do all we ask. She has no bad traits, she loads, ties, bathes, hitches quiet and stands when asked. A great beginners horse and would be fun to drive anywhere. Traffic and barking dogs do not bother her. She will go anywhere! She is a nice mover and has great extension. Someone asked for a video on Mya, so I finally got one on YouTube. I took this yesterday to show how quiet she is to drive. Here is Mya . She is just as quiet to harness and hitch. If there were ever a perfect horse - this is it!

Driving-Mya Driving-Mya Beth-driving-Mya

  Mya sold - her new home will be in California! Congratulations Tracy!  You'll love her!


   McKai in town  McKai in town    McKai at truckstop  McKai at freeway

McKai is a five year old gelding -  Morgan / Percheron cross. He is 15.2 hands tall and rides and drives. I just took video of him being ridden if anyone needs to see it. He is a good mover with great extension. He is young and willing to do about anything you want. We'll get more and better ones this week. Here is a video we took this week of McKai at freeway video

We sold McKai to Bob & Elaine Cosner! We hope they have lots of fun together!





 Louie is driving with Austin in this photo. Louie is 7 years old in 2014, a Morgan/Haflinger cross gelding and stands 14.1 or 14.2 hands tall. He has a little more "go" and would be a lot of fun for an experienced driver. He loads, ties, bathes, ties and does most anything you need. Here are more photos of Louie on the Blog.

Louie drives single or as a pair.

$4,000 Sale price $3,500

Misty & Mocha

Five years old in 2014, pony mares, standing 54" tall and may mature to 56". Trained the very best to ride and drive - single or as a pair. They are road safe and would be perfect for a beginning driver. They are very sweet, quiet, gentle and are good movers. They do everything perfect - load, bathe, hitch, tie, clip, standing still - just awesome! We don't know their breeding but we do know how beautifully they drive - we are calling them Wellington Sport Ponies.

For more photos go to the Blog for Misty and Mocha

  $10,00 for the pair

Benson and Navigator

 These geldings are 10 years old in 2014. They are 15.2 hands tall and will drive single or as a pair, on the right or left. Benson is black with a star, Navigator is black too but he is a little more sun bleached in the photos. They are half Morgan, a quarter Percheron and a quarter Thoroughbred. They bathe, clip, load and are easy to handle. The photo on the left was used in the 2013 Mischka Calendar. For more photos go to the blog - Benson and Navigator

Sold to Beth Kendall - Louisiana! Hope they have lots of fun together!
Benson-navigator Benson-Navigator 
Benson- navigator in the fourBenson and Navigator in the lead
 Here are Benson and Navigator in the lead of a four.
  Donika, one of our long time students is driving.




 is an 10 year old gelding in 2014 and stands 14.2 hands tall. He is being driven in the first photo with Benson, his half brother. Carlton is on the left. He is half Morgan, a quarter Percheron and a quarter Thoroughbred. He has been ridden but not much. He drives beautifully but would not be for a beginner. Carlton drives single or as a pair, as you can see with our student/protégée Donika driving.

$4,000. Sale price $2,000



Mannie and  Brubeck

 These two awesome horses are in the southern states right now - as of Feb 14th, 2015. They are in Shreveport, LA and might go to Alabama to join the Caravan.  If you'd like to see them and drive them, let me know ASAP. They are around 17.1 hands tall, bays with wonderful forward movement. Mannie is 12 years old and Bru is 11 years old in 2015. They are Percheron/ Thoroughbred cross full brothers, with wonderful dispositions, great ground manners, load and stands for washing and they love to drive. We have driven them in the wheel of a team of four horses with several other teams in the lead. They are solid horses, very willing to do what ever you ask of them. They drove as a four in the photos below. You can see more photos on the blog - Mahogany four they are in the wheel.
$17,000 for the pair.   Sale price $10,000 for the pair

Bentley and Rolls Royce

 are the classic boys! They are 1/2 Morgan and 1/2 Percheron geldings, and they are full brothers. In 2014, Bentley is 12 years old, standing about 16.2 hand. Rolls is 11 years old, in 2014, standing at 16.2. They both drive like a dream as a pair, they drive single but we will not sell them separately. They are very stylish, mannerly and soft on the bit. We drove them in the lead as a four with Mannie & Bru and called them the Mahogany Four.
This is Bentley and Rolls in the lead with Mannie and Bru in the wheel. We call them the Mahogany Four because of their rich brown colors that blend from the wheel to the lead. For their first time out as a four they did very well and with a little more experience they will be awesome! See more of them on the blog Mahogany Four.

$15,000 for the pair



Nikko and Maverick

 are Percheron / Paint crosses and stand about 16.2 hands tall. Nikko, on the right is 10 years old and Maverick on the left is 9 years old in 2013. This is a very sweet pair for anyone just getting into driving. They are easy to catch, load, bathe, hitch or do anything you want. We have been driving these horses a lot and use them for students.
Watch them on the blog - Nikko & Maverick.
Here they are driving in the lead of a team of four with Bentley and Rolls. This was the first day they drove as a four. You can see more photos of the four on the blog - Newest Team of Four.
$16,000 for the pair    


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