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Weaver Wagons

  Pioneer Equipment is still manufacturing the running gears for these great wagons - but Weaver Wagons is now handling the production of the wagons with the same dependable quality. More styles are available including the new 5th wheel wagon on pneumatic tires or the traditional wooden spoke wheels and more custom options.
Pony_Utility_Wagon Pony Utility wagon on half ton gear
Great wagon for the small ponies or pair of minis. Available with bolster springs, mechanical brakes, side steps and a hinged seat with storage compartment. Automotive paint is standard. Water base paint is available.
The wagon measures 32" at the outside of the wheels and 40" x 70" over all.
Pony_SUV_Wagon Pony SUV wagon on half ton gear complete with two seats facing to the front. Fun for the kids.
  For prices on the Pony Wagons - go to Half Ton Wagons The prices are subject to change without notice. When you are ready to order I will confirm prices. Send your zip code with exactly what you want and I'll get a shipping quote. Cost depends on weight, volume and location.
Haflinger_wagon_on_one_ton_gear   Haflinger Trailway Wagon on a one ton gear
Perfect size for a small team or one large horse. The Trailway bed is easy to get on and off and is a very practicle wagon for a trip to town. The One Ton Wagon measures 51" at the outside of the wheels and 56" x 108" overall. Wood shafts are available as well as bolster springs, torsion axles, mechanical or hydraulic brakes.
Haflinger_Utility_Wagon Haflinger Utility Wagon on a one ton gear. Perfect for work around the farm or ranch to haul wood, poles, salt or a few bales of hay or what ever you need to haul.
  Haflinger Wagons on One Ton prices

Telephone: 406.846.3686 

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