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255 N Boulder Road, Deer Lodge, Montana  59722

Alex & Kayo Fraser    406-846-3686  Mountain time 

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Facilities- Mountain View Arena

Barn Phone  - 406-846-1989 this number rings in the barn and office- its the best number to call for reservations.


Mountain View Arena has an indoor arena with 28 inside stalls in the back.

 We can be seen from Interstate 90 at exit # 184 in SW Montana. If you are traveling west you can see us on your right before you exit. If you are traveling east take exit # 184, turn left to go under the freeway, then take the first right. We are the second driveway on the left - next to the Valley Veterinary Clinic. Motels and restaurants are within view. Over night horses are welcome.


 The driveway entry is wide enough for tractor (semi-trucks) with trailers. There is room to turn around in the parking area next to the barn. The famous Clydesdales have stayed here with their 3 big Tractor-trailers and had room to spare. We have stabled race horses, show horses and even an elephant.

 Overnight stabling: The stalls are bedded with sawdust or shavings and are big enough for draft horses including the famous Clydesdales.
  Over night or day rates are $20 per horse, you feed and water. Bring your own hay and a water buckets for each horse. We have hooks to hang the bucket on the stall walls. You may clean out your trailer but please ask where to dump the manure. The veterinarian owns the property around us and does not like people to dump manure on his side of the fence. Our manure pile is close to the road west of the corrals - you are welcome to use one of our wheelbarrow to haul it. If you want us to feed and water your horses for you it is
$25 a day. We strongly recommend you bring hay your horses are accustomed to eating. We do not sell hay but can help in an emergency.
  We clean the stalls so you don't have to.
Weekly Rates:
   For people who would like to stay a while and enjoy our area we offer weekly rates. There is lots of riding in the area; either trailer up to the forest service land or ride the county roads to the hills from the barn $75 per week per horse. Bring your own hay.
Monthly rates:
   We clean pens daily and feed twice a day.
  • Outside pens - $250
  • Inside stalls - $300
  • Both inside and outside for turn out - $450. No pasture available.
   A tack room is available for trainers and monthly boarders..
 We are next door to a great large animal veterinarian if your horses need special care call Valley Vet Clinic 406-846-3627.

Indoor Arena

  These facilities may be rented by the hour or by the day for smaller events, clinics or by the month for trainers. Reduced rates will apply for extend use. We have just added four inches of washed sand for a soft surface.
   A release must be signed releasing any liability to the owners, workers or other attendees at the Mountain View Arena. Monthly boarders have free access to the arena when not otherwise in use. Horse droppings must be removed from the yard, walkways and arena after use by monthly boarders. Overnighters may turn out horses temporarily to roll or exercise if the arena is not otherwise in use. We clean the pens and stalls.
  The Indoor arena is approximately 72 X 236 It is ideal for clinics, seminars, small events and as a training facility. It has:
  •  Soft sand surface arena
  •  Team roping facilities
  •  Time room
  •  Bunk room
  •  Meeting room area

Arena Rates

  • Hourly: $10.00 for the first horse and rider and $2.50 for each additional horse and rider.
  • Daily: $300 for the arena, $25 for open room for meetings, pot luck, etc. We have a few tables and chairs and a 25 cup coffee maker available.
  •  Lights: There is a $20 per hour fee for the use of arena lights for all four sections or $10.00 for half lights.
  • Stalls: $20 per horse per night or $15 for the afternoon of the event. Stalls are wooden 10' X 12' and bedded with sawdust from the mill. Extra bedding is $2 per wheelbarrow load.

Telephone: 406.846.3686 

Je Suis Prest translates as "I am ready".  It is on the Fraser Family Coat of Arms which we have redesigned to suit our needs. The Coat of Arms is copyrighted and no permission will be granted for its use to anyone other than ourselves. No photos or any part of this site may be used without written permission.