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     Fraser School of Driving
Winter Driving Series - subject to change due to weather or participant's preferences.

We know it is hard to get out and get those horses driven in the middle of winter so we are giving you an excuse to make it happen.
Every 6 weeks we are going to have some sort of clinic weekend at the Fraser School of Driving, in Deer Lodge, Montana.
The cost for two days of learning and Saturday night dinner is $150 plus $10 per stall. We are going to fill your days with hands on driving and many discussions. We are going to make these weekends so that everyone can learn from watching and listening to the issues that others are having.
As it is winter, sometimes the roads may not be the greatest for pulling trailers. Anytime this is a problem please come anyway there will always be horses and from my experience you will become a better driver the more horses you get a chance to drive.
We are always open to suggestions on clinic ideas and we can always add things to the weekends that are brought up. As you all know things are pretty laid back and we are there just there to help and keep you driving.
Below are the dates.
December 5-6 Harness/Carriage adjustment your horse will move better and be more comfortable an able to do their job better and safer. We will show a couple different types of hook ups, Remember your horses change so sometimes you need to make adjustments that were just fine 6 weeks ago. Any issues you are having we can figure out a plan, Ground Work is so important and something you can do quickly and all winter long.
January 9-10 Driving in an Arena How to use the whole arena and to keep your horses from falling around the corners. How to deal with others in the arena general arena etiquette. Obstacle driving cones, barrels, corners.
February 20-21 Single, Pair, Tandem, 4 in hand. Let us do something different. If you always drive a single let us put you behind a pair. If you always drive a pair time for you to drive a single. We can provide the horses or if we feel your horse is ready to go with a mate or taken single we will do that. (Alex is working on a 4 in hand that hopefully you all can drive) Driving different horses will make you a better driver.
April 9-10 TBD
May 14-15 TBD
Jun 18-19 This clinic we will help work at the Fraserís to get ready for the 4th of July Summer Fun Show(Cleaning and building hazards) We will still have lessons but they will be discounted for the help.
We hope to see all of you this winter. If you have any thoughts of suggestions please let me know.
Please RSVP by Nov 27 for the Dec clinic.
Donika Shrauger

The 4th of July Summer Fun Training Show dates will be July 1, 2, 3, and a pleasure drive on the 4th. For entries contact:
Donika Shrauger

   Big Sky Draft Horse Expo in Deer Lodge, Montana  is a great show for both the exhibitors and spectators. Dates are usually mid September. This show is open to all driving horses and mules.
 Montana Academy of Living History is the week prior to the show for some interesting classes on historical crafts, bird watching, wagon & buggy repairs, Meadowbrook Cart building, restoration and more.


  Idaho State Draft Horse and Mule International show in Sandpoint, Idaho is the weekend after the Big Sky Draft Horse show in Deer Lodge, Montana. The show runs Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a private treaty sale on Monday
  We will go most anywhere to teach driving or coach people who want to improve their skills. 
Contact us for more information or to schedule dates in your area.
For a list of Combined Driving Events - go to the American Driving Society web site.
  Check out our Blog - I will try to keep this up as a way to show the events we attended - the clinics we presented - the students who come here for lessons (with their permission to post) and what horses we are driving or any other news. You can subscribe to get any new blog posts - and you can unsubscribe when you don't want any more notices. You are welcome to leave appropriate comments.


Telephone: 406.846.3686 

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