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Happy Clients

   Buying horses can be risky and confusing and it is worth hiring a professional who knows what to look for to do the shopping for you. We have been buying horses for over 30 years and have bought a lot of great horses for a lot of wonderful people. We carefully check over the horses we believe will work for our clients, and negotiated the best deal we can. For our time and expertise, we charge a commission on the purchase price. We try to stay within the price range that our clients want to pay and we won't buy a horse we wouldn't be proud to own just to fill an order. Some horses we buy private treaty, some at auctions and other horses through our many contacts. Our client list is too long to show everyone, but I have a few photos showing some of the  horses we have bought for other people or sold to them.
Alvin Rich, Nye, MT Alex bought his team of horses for Alvin after his sister, Charlene, convinced him to hire Alex to buy him the right horses. He took a few lessons from us and is enjoying his new horses. They sent us a few photos of them playing. I liked this photo the best.
Carl and Caroline Cox, VA bought the lead pair The Music Boys from us in 2009 and wanted another team to go with them so they could drive a team of four. They bought the Black Boys from us this year. Here is a photo of their first drive with Mary Alice Matheson on the box seat. They had a wonderful drive and love all four horses.
Latina Raville, SC called wanting a single driving horse. She didn't want one too big or too small or too anything else, she wanted one just right. She met Alex in Iowa where he bought her the perfect horse and a price that afforded her Alex's commission, the hauling fee home and harness for her new horse.
Tom, Cathy & Charlie Stalcup, Gillette, WY with Johnny & Joey, a team of Percheron geldings Alex bought for them in 2009. Charlie presented the High School Rodeo Queen in the Buffalo, WY parade using a Shiloh wagon that they bought from us.
Kathryn Hatch, Dillon, MT wanted a horse she and her husband could ride and drive. She competed in one of the CDEs with our Fritz horse and had so much fun she wanted a horse of her own. Clete is a horse that is willing to do anything you want and has been perfect for her to continue her lessons. She plans to compete with him this year.
We sold this pair to a client who prefers we do not list his name.
We sold this pair to a client who prefers we do not list his name.
Paula Scott Butte, MT has been one of our clients since 1995 and has commissioned Alex to buy several teams for her. She got Alex started in the CDEs when she hired him to train and drive her 4 Fjords in competition and for exhibition. In 2007 she was driving at Happ's CDE when this photo by Wendi Ross was taken. It was such a great picture that it was used on the cover of the Omnibus! Paula is driving a Morgan cross gelding, named "Morgan", one of several horses Alex bought for her. Wendy Martin is the navigator on the back.
Donika Shrauger, Bozeman, MT Donika's father bought her driving lessons for Christmas one year, and we have not been able to get rid of her since! Not that we would want to. She took more lessons and worked with us until she was able to drive at the Happs CDE with a pair of our horses. This photo was also taken by Wendi Ross (see her link above)
Deb Bridges, Kearney, NE  wrote: "You would be so proud of Trace, he is such a good guy. The last time I took him out (all by myself even) we went about 12 miles and Trace had to pass a big tractor pulling a mower (we had to go in the ditch to get around the tractor), had a pickup truck loaded with hay turn in front of us, a pickup truck pulling a big stock trailer went by us and then we spooked a herd of cattle and made them run. Trace behaved like a gentleman the whole drive. When he got nervous he put a little pressure on the bit to see if I was still there and then he settled right down and went by all the obstacles.  It sure was fun."  Deb comes back once a year for more driving instruction. She is having a blast!

Donna and Dan
Donna Alfano Gig Harbor, WA with a horse Alex found for her named Dan. Donna has written us so many wonderful letters of appreciation - I decided to share part of one email. She writes:

 "Dan arrived on Friday. I decided that I needed to drive him the very next day as he was rested and relaxed and it just seemed like the right thing to do to get him going at what he has been trained to do so off Dave and I went for our first cart ride. It was fun and Dan was a perfect gentlemen always listening and responding when asked to and I never once felt any apprehension he made me feel confident and I hope that I have relayed that back to him. Thank you Alex for the days of instruction. I can't thank you enough for what you have given me and so your words are always going to be ringing in my ears continuing to instruct and guide me. Thank you Kayo for your instruction into the lines and the communication it feeds to the horse. I do hope that I am living up to that when I drive every day with Dan.  I do hope to revisit your school in the future to further my education and training.  What a terrific experience that was and not one to ever be forgotten. I already miss you guys. It was so much fun and I can't help but miss those long drives with the mountains all around us. How beautiful your country is there."

Marilyn Henderson Davenport, WA - she moved to Montana so she could drive more with us! Marilyn bought Jetski from us and is having so much fun driving him. If her laughter is any indication of how much fun she is having - well, she is having the time of her life! She says, "This just makes my heart sing. I thought all I would learn is just to make a horse go and stop - but there is so much more!". She loves this sport and has competed in several shows in 2008 and 2009!
Pat Smith Enterprise, OR  Pat bought Speedboat from us and learned how to drive him. Here is what she put in a post on the Carriage Driving List  "When I bought Speedy, I asked Alex if he thought he was too much horse for me. He said he believed we would be fine. But I have to admit through the months of not being able to (drive) him, my apprehensive nature was taking over and I was really nervous about getting hitched and going on... Alex was right on, Speedy takes good care of me. I am delighted with him, and I would encourage anyone looking for a nice horse to check and see what Frasers have available. Alex seems to really have a knack for putting horses and people together that fit. Thanks much, Alex."
The Club At Spanish Peaks Big Sky, MT  This is from one of our star students and the man in charge of the horse program at Spanish Peaks - he said, "...you must know that the Fraser School of Driving had a lot to do with our success; the safety clinics at LMR and your help with Mountain Hitch is where part of Spanish Peaks sleigh programís success originated."  (LMR is the Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, MT offering dinner sleigh rides. They have had several Safety Clinics.)
Quackgrass Sally Bridger, MT Quackgrass Sally came to us with a dream of driving her own horse and buggy on the wagon rides.  She wrote:  "THANK YOU so very much for a wonderful time.  Not only did I get a chance to start a new adventure.... I met some outstanding REAL people.  Thats kinda rare now a days and I feel lucky to have met you. Her latest email says: "
Shannon Spain Walla Walla, WA Shannon came to us wanting to learn how to drive safely so she could create a fun carriage ride through the wineries in Walla, Walla, WA. Here is a photo of her waiting for the next group of riders. She wrote:   "Had a great time! Learned much! You guys are awesome teachers! Now I need to drive every day and practice."
Jeanne Briggs Sheridan, WY  Jeanne wanted to learn how to drive properly so she could start a carriage ride in WY. She sent this photo for us to see.
Mike Taylor Mountain Home, ID Mike wanted a nice quiet team of draft horses to play with and we found him this very sweet team. He liked the way we name our horses so he changed the names of these to Chili and Pepper - The Salsa Boys. Mike wrote to us later saying:
"Alex you picked out a perfect team for me. Kayo your driving me around your arena and chewing my butt worked well. I actually learned how to drive. Chilie and Pepper are great. We have a nice people hauler wagon now and other assorted items to pull. We have been on many many drives. The best was when I drove my daughter to her wedding last summer. I can't thank you enough for your help. Mike Taylor Mountain Home, ID"
no photo Paws Up Ranch Greenough, MT  We bought 4 gorgeous Percheron geldings for the Paws Up Ranch - there were not here long enough to get photos, but hopefully they will take some shots when they start using them.
Janet Holt, we get photos from Janet and "Robin" the horse she bought from us. Here is one of her letters.
"Dear Alex and Kayo,
I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get pictures of Robin to you this year.  She is doing just great and we love her.  Can you believe we've had her for 3 years now?!  I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate your help to match us up with her.  She's perfect.  We enjoy driving and riding her.  I hope everything is going well for you.  We always take a quick look at your place when we go by.  One of these times we will stop and say hi! Take care! Janet Holt"
Vote-Smart Philipsburg, MT We found "Clete" for Vote-Smart for an antique carriage. "Clete" was a 6 year old cross breed gelding. He is very well trained and very sweet.

Mountain Hitch Company Big Sky, MT  Congratulations to Matt at Mountain Hitch Company for purchasing two teams of horses from us for his new horse business in Big Sky, MT. He wanted two quality teams of draft horses and that is what he got. We wish him success in his endeavors. Here are Clyde and Dale a very nice pair of Percheron gelding.

And Matt bought Luke and Tony a nice team of Belgian geldings. Both teams will be used for sleigh rides this winter.

"Alex and Kayo... have been a tremendous help in selecting quality teams and their expertise is very valuable to me. My association with these professionals will contribute greatly to my success."

Larry from New Mexico We have had many people coming to us who are starting Carriage, Wagon and Stagecoach rides - here is a note from our student, Larry in New Mexico: (and I didn't even pay him for these nice words!)

"Dear Alex and Kayo,
I really had the most excellent week I've had in a long time. An awesome experience.  Alex with his excellent horsemanship combined with his love of life and animals, and Kayo, a wife that most people only get to dream about having as a partner. A win - win combination.  I must say one last thing; there will always be a place in my home and heart for these two people.
Thank  you, Larry
PS  I learned a lot, can't wait for my next class."

Majestic Carriages, Inc. Missoula, Montana  Marty Bewley came to us wanting to start a Carriage business in Missoula, Montana. He knew he needed to take some professional training before he put the public at risk. (Smart man!) He also needed some horses that would be suitable to drive single and as a team. He and his family fell in love with the horses and bought them for their business. The horses drive as a team or single. Congratulation to Majestic Carriage!
Dick and Alex Clemow  Missoula, Montana  We bought this team of very nice, quiet Belgian geldings for Dick and his wife, Alex. They have been doing a little logging with these horses and have been very active in the driving competition at the shows in Montana and Idaho. Dick said, "It was the best money I ever spent to have Alex Fraser buy these horses for us. He really knows what he is doing." 
no photos Fort Sam Houston Texas We sold three of our horses for caisson horses to perform military funerals. Here is a letter from them.  "Alex and Kayo, I just wanted to let you know that all three are doing wonderful. These three have been so much fun that my soldiers fight over getting to ride them. Chance and Vegas have made such a lovely team, and Mystique is doing great with her new partner Kidd. Chance and Vegas just participated in their first mounted color guard. Mystique has been doing color guards since last fall.  We just love these "little guys".  Hope all is well with ya'll and I will try and get some pictures to you soon. Lee Ann, Stable Master, USAG Caisson Section Fort Sam Houston, Texas"

Brian and Larry Loomis Family Moscow, Idaho This is Ace and Jarred a team of Percheron geldings we sold to the Loomis Family at Paradise Stables.  They are so happy with their horses, they have asked us to buy them  more! Alex bought them a very nice pair of Registered Percheron Mares (see Paradise Stables below)! They host a driving clinic with Alex at their arena, Paradise Stables in Moscow, ID a couple times a year. 
6C Ranches Gold Creek, MT We have sold many horses to the 6C Ranches and have bought several quality mares for them plus and two teams of cross breed driving horses for their Gold Creek Overland Stage company as pictured here giving tours through the Bison herd.
Crazy Mountain Ranch Clyde Park, Montana Crazy Mountain Ranch came back to us for a second team for their guest wagon and sleigh ride business. Alex found them this very nice team of bay Percheron/Belgian crosses. They drive very quiet and have been perfect for the Ranch.
Nick Shrauger and Betty McCoy and Donika Bozeman, Montana We bought this pair of Percheron cross horses for Nick and Betty. They have driven them on wagon train rides, at the Big Sky Draft Horse Expo and have now used them on a variety of farming implements.  Nick said, "We couldn't have bought a better pair of horses." and later he said, "My daughter, Donika and I drove the boys yesterday trying out the teamster toys. Today I gave kids rides to Ag in the Classroom at the FG {Fairgrounds}.  Sometimes as many as 30 kids on the wagon.  Horses do so well."     Nick
Betty had us train a pair of quarter horses so we could teach their daughter, Donika to drive with her own  pair of  horses. Donika has gone on to learn how to compete in the Combined Driving Events.
Andrea Oehrtman Deer Lodge, Montana. Andrea bought this team of Belgian geldings from us when they were 2 years old. We made her a package deal on the harness, forecart and taught her to drive while the horses were being trained. She sold her home in town and bought 40 acres in the country so she could have a place to keep and work her horses.
    "I have always wanted to farm with draft horses and my dream have finally come true thanks to Alex and Kayo."  Andrea has done everything she can find to do with her horses. She used them to spread manure, harrow, disc, mow and rake hay. You always knew when she had been driving her horses by the big smile on her face. She is testimony that it is never too late to pursue your dreams!
Jeannine and Ken Briggs Clark, Wyoming Alex found this nice team of Belgian gelding for Jeannine and Ken. They plan to offer carriage rides in Cody, Wyoming. And who knows where that might lead! This is a photo of them taking a driving lesson with their new horses. Looks like they are having fun!
Dawna Trueblood Loomis, California Dawna was the person who asked us to start the driving school. She came for a week of driving lessons, fell in love with the horses we were using and bought them from us. She competed with them for many years at the Draft Horse Classic in Grass Valley, CA and has taken them on wagon train rides. When one of her horses died many years later, Dawna asked us to find her another horse, which we did. We found her a perfect team mate for the one she had. Her comments about the Fraser School of Driving - "My only regret was that I didn't book 2 weeks instead of only one.  I had a blast!"
Charlene Schuster Helena, Montana  "A big thanks for all both of you did to make the Draft Horse show so much fun...and everything you did to help me out. Of course I had a great time and 'winning the two events' was such a total surprise that I could hardly sleep on Saturday night. My family was about as excited as I was...Of course the credit goes to Mick for being such a great horse and to 'my coaches' !"  [Mick was bought for Charlene by Alex Fraser.  She also learned how to drive from the Fraser School of Driving.]
Carrie Hahn Helena, Montana Carrie had been operating a commercial carriage business for 10 years when she asked us to train some of her horses for the business. We offered her a free driving lesson before the horses went home so she could see how they were trained. She was so impressed with what she learned from Alex that she decided to take more lessons. Here is what she said:
   "I  wanted to say thanks to you two for all your support and help with my driving.  What a difference it has made!  We did about 20 rides in December and it was a piece of cake.  My hands have quit hurting, my horses are happier and everything just goes smoother."

Fiona Strachan Glasgow, Scotland Fiona has been driving single horses for a lot of years in Scotland. She works with disabled drivers there, and participated in a performance for Princess Ann.  She wanted to take a driving vacation and came to us for experience in driving pairs. She  had a lot to say when she posted the info on a carriage driving chat, I'll condense it.

  "The highlight was driving a four for the first time - What a buzz!!! I had visions of the leaders being completely out of my control, not so. I managed a trot around the arena and a few diagonals - it was a great experience for a singles driver.
 I really can't thank Kayo and Alex enough for everything they did to make me feel welcome and have such a good learning experience.  This was my first trip to the US and it was just wonderful. and I fully intend repeating the experience if possible." 
[And Fiona did come back the next year for more lessons! This is what a Learning Vacation is all about!]

Lone Mountain Ranch Big Sky, Montana I asked Mary, the head of the horse department at Lone Mountain Ranch, what she would say about the school and after a few funny things she had to say about Alex, she came up with this quote, "Learning, driving, fun = Fraser School of Driving. "
[The Lone Mountain Ranch is a very successful winter dinner/sleigh ride at the cross country ski resort at Big Sky, MT. Mary, as head of the horse dept, asked us to work with all their drivers and horses so they could be as safe and efficient as possible. They ask Alex to come back each year to give a two or three day Safety Clinic and Safety check before their new winter season starts.]
Crazy Mountain Ranch Clyde Park, Montana  We bought this nice, quiet team of Belgian geldings for the Crazy Mountain Ranch in Montana. This big pair of geldings will be giving wagon and sleigh rides for the corporate owned ranch. The Ranch also has Alex present a Safety Clinic before their season starts
Jack and Ann Willard Vaughan, Montana Jack and Ann come every Spring for a tune up on their driving.  We helped them buy these beautiful Registered Belgian Mares
Marilyn Mueller Ketchum, Idaho Marilyn calls Alex her Driving Guru - she bought one of these horses from us, Alex trained them both and then taught her to drive them. This photo was taken at the Big Sky Draft Horse expo with Marilyn driving them at her first show. She picked up a young passenger and he had so much fun they drove around town after the show.
Marilyn Chambers Sandpoint, ID Marilyn asked us to find her that perfect horse. He had to be pretty, well trained and with the attitude that if she didn't drive him but a few times a year - he would still be safe for her and her grandkids. We found "Hunter" for her. Marilyn said, "Hunter is  perfect! He is such a good boy, and very handsome."
Anita Wolf Sandpoint, ID Anita wanted to learn how to drive horses so she took some lessons from us and loved it so much she asked Alex to buy her a team. These are the horses he found for her - Norman and Rudy a nice pair of Belgian Quarter-horse cross. We helped Anita buy a very neat Wagonette. 
   The photos below show a few of our students having fun!  From left to right is Betty McCoy disking with Snip and Tuck; Nick Shrauger with the same team on a dump rake; Andrea Oehrtman working Doc and Rex on a buck rake; and the last one is of Andrea and Nick both at the Grant/Kohrs Ranch Loose Hay Days July 2003.  They wanted us to teach them how to mow and rake with their horses - and here they are!  We are so proud of them!
We have a long list of Satisfied Clients, too numerous to list them all, but here are a few of the emails I have received from students.
Comment from a safety clinic for a driving club in Helena, MT:
  Hi Kayo & Alex,
 thanks so much for coming over and talking with our group. You did a great job explaining things to them.  I asked Dave to write an article for our newsletter and I was pleasantly surprised at what he retained!  Several of them have suggested having some continued education with you in the spring so I'm excited about that. I don't think we can stress safety enough.  I'm going to have at least one article in each newsletter on various safety topics also.  Anyway-thanks a bunch for teaching us!
Carrie and Ten Mile Drivers
   "Thanks a lot for all your help. I really learned a lot and feel much better about my situation driving Buster. The lessons were great. Very helpful.  Mike" from Missoula
   "Hi Kayo and Alex,  Thanks so much for the driving time last week, I am still thinking about it and will definitely get my girls shaped up and me too. I'm so happy to finally know how to drive properly. I was reading an issue of Driving Digest (July/August 2005 #136) when I came across the Polar Boys and Stone horses, I said to my husband, "hey these are the horses I drove in Deer Lodge!" That was a wonderful article, you must be soooo proud. I know I would be. Renny"
   "Just wanted to let you know that Robin is doing just great. She is such a terrific horse. We've been riding her as well as driving and she does super at both. I can't thank you enough for getting the 2 of us together. Janet"
   "Kayo - both Jose' and I really enjoyed our horse driving training experience with you and Alex. Please tell Alex that I definitely learned a lot and I think that driving horse/horses are in my future when I get to retirement. Driving the 'Polar Boys' was fun because they were so zippy and enjoyed themselves too. Jessie was a real pleasure too - a mouth as soft as whipping cream and so willing - and forgiving. I wish I could have driven all your horses, each one is a new experience and provides different things to learn. Hope you are both well-- I know you are busy!  Sally and Jose', Little Rock"
   "Kayo, Got home late last night.  I miss you guys lots and lots! Had a great time! Leaned much! You guys are awesome teachers! Now I need to drive every day and practice." Shannon
  Horses for sale  If you are looking for a single horse or a pair to drive, give us a call. We have some very nice horses available click on the link - or we can custom-buy something just for you.
 Call Alex or Kayo Fraser at - 406-846-3686 Email

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Je Suis Prest translates as "I am ready".  It is on the Fraser Family Coat of Arms which we have redesigned to suit our needs. The Coat of Arms is copyrighted and no permission will be granted for its use to anyone other than ourselves. No photos or any part of this site may be used without written permission.