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Experience the Thrill of Driving Horses!
 Enjoy a Learning Vacation!

Plan your vacation time, take driving lessons and discover Montana, the big sky country!

Experienced drivers may benefit by our coaching service!

Professional training is a wise investment in your future, safety and in your horse's well being.

   It is important to learn some basics of driving horses so you can understand what the driven horse needs and expects from you. With the proper skills you can develop better communication with your horses, be more comfortable with the lines or reins, be a confident, competent and a safer driver. Safety is paramount.
  We also have several carriages, carts and wagons for sale and we order harness to suit your individual needs. You may click on Carriages & Wagons for factory direct or Vehicles for used ones.
 Driving Accessories include helmets and vests.

   Before you buy horses, equipment, harness and before you attempt to drive your horses PLEASE seek professional assistance. Learn to drive before you risk yourself, your family and your horses. Many of our students have come to us with a horse, harness and vehicle only to learn nothing fits right or they bought something not suitable. Learn about the sport of driving before you waste you money!
 There are always risks involved when you work with horses, but what you can learn at The Fraser School of Driving may lessen the risks to you, your family, horses and equipment. Also offered are Safety Clinics  for Commercial Carriage, Wagon and Sleigh ride businesses. Drive Safe!
  We also sell Books on training and driving horses here at Wild Horse Books & Art the world largest resource for books and plans to build horse drawn vehicles; wood wheels and historic information.
   We have a variety of horses we may use for driving lessons. You are welcome to bring your own horses for your lessons if they are already trained to drive. See Rates.
   If you are looking for that special horse we have some wonderful driving horses for sale and we order-buy horses for people who want something we don't already have. We custom order Harness depending on your horses, vehicle and what type of driving you want to do.

We are Dealers for the following Manufacturers

Pioneer Equipment  manufacturer for top quality fore-carts, wagons, sleds and other farm equipment.
  Shiloh Wagon Works - Dependable quality 5th wheel rubber tire chassis and wagons. These track so true you can tow them at highway speeds.
We custom order harness from several harness makers so we can get what you need.

We can dress-up to show
or dress-down and play.

See the Models of the Polar Boys . The first pair of horses created by Stone Horses, in a custom pose or standard pose. Only a few pairs left.
And  The Polar Boys are featured in a  Limited Edition Print

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